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It was around July 2016 after I was released from the community hospital and my right leg started to get swallen and it got bigger and bigger, It did so for quite a few weeks but it was not warm nor was it painful. I went to the see my consoltant and at first, they thought it was the medication I was taking for my Kidney or they thought it was the heat as this was in the summer.


(The signs of a Blood Clot are mormally swelling, pain and warmth).  


This carried on for about three weeks. The hospital came to the descion at last to call me in for a scan on my right leg.


I went for the ultrasound and the consultant found a large blood clot straight away (it was a dangerous blood clot in the right groin). It could of been a lot worse, but lucky for me they caught it before it spread to my heart or my lungs.


I was then advised to take 7.5 mg of Warfarin (blood thiner) every day for my whole life as my aspirin had been stopped.


I had to attend hospital every two weeks to get my finger pricked to check my Warfarin level. I've now stopped taking Warfarin and been put on Apixaban 2.5mg (blood thiner) which does not require you to get your finger pricked again I'm on this for life.


I know have scar tissue were the Blood Clot used to be and if I do to much walking it flairs up and my leg becomes swallon. Its painful but sometimes I have trouble putting my wait on it.


As I am on the blood thiner I should not get another Blood Clot anywhere in my body.


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Blood Clot - My Story