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My Diabetes story starts after my Kidney transplant. I went backj to work 3 months to early but I felt ready. I worked non-stop for two weeks and burnt myself out, you know the saying "don't run before you can walk" its so true.


I managed to contract medicated Diabetes through the medication I was taking (This is one of the side effects). Also I rushed back to work to quickly after my transplant. I was off work for 9 months joint with the removal of both my kidneys and the kidney transplant. I was advised to take a year off, but I felt ready to go back to work after 9 months.


My eye sight started to go blurry, I felt really thirsty and I had to pass urine alot. I got a bit scared as I thought my eyesight was going.


My sugar level was up to 40 when it should have been at a reading of between 4 and 9 the average level. I was given a home based blood sugar machine so I can keep track of my blood sugar level at different times of the day.


I go to the Royal London Hospital every three months so they can keep track of my sugar level. With a blood test an a urine sdample.


I had to give up a lot of sugar based food items and take 3 types of medication to keep my blood sugar levels on target, I don't have to take Insulin yet and I hope to krrp it that way.


My blood sugar level is now at a reasonable level and has been for a while now. Ive had to make quite a few changes like swapping sugar for sweetner in my tea, Stop putting sugar on my cereal, giving up sweets and more.


If I fancy sugar free chocolate or sweets I buy these from Amazon.

TIP: Wait six weeks until you fly/go on holiday after having a Stroke


Diabetes - My Story