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My story begins in the year off 2012 I can't remember the month. I was sat at my desk at work (working as a insurance broker) and I found myself finding hard to breath.


I was rushed to the local hospital, were the doctor diagnosed me with a bad chest infection and gave me medication for this. While I was being treated for the chest infectiuon, they done their checks and found my kidneys only working 50%, so I was transfered to a renal consultant to help out with my kidneys.


After about year of going to appointments at the hospital I was finally transferred to the Royal London Hospital where I found my kidney function was now at 30% and my kidneys grew to 20 cm long weighing a stone and a half each (when they should be the size of your palm). There were hundreds of cysts all over the kidneys measuring upto 7cm long.


At this point of my life I used to smoke at least 10-15 a day, I had to give up in the year of 2014 this was the best thing I've done. I was told if I did not give up this could of killed me. The waiting time for a new kidney was appoximately three years and that my kidney function will decrease as time goes on.


At this stage I would class myself as really lucky, because my friend that I new from school came forward and offered me her kidney, I had to wait for about six months for her to get tested for compatibility, lucky for me it was a green light to go ahead.


So I underwent the operation to remove both my kidney's in May 2015, the operation lasted about nine hours (if you have any questions please ask) and the operation was a success. My recovery time was for two weeks. While I was in hospital I started dialysis and this would pass urine for me and clean my blood supply I was only on dailysis for 3 months as I got a new kidney.


My recovery time was one week to have a new kidney fitted, and the operation was a succes the kidney worked straight away and I could not stop passing uruine. I have been put on anti-rejection and other drugs for life.


When I had the operation, they fitted a stent connected to the kidney and bladder. Three months after the kidney transplant I had the stent removed..


I was not allowed to put any stress on my stomach for the first year, I go to the Royal London hospital every 3 months check ups and the kidney is working 100%.

TIP: If you miss out your medication, take them as soon as you remember


Kidney Disease - My Story