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My story begins on 17th April 2016, It was roughly 6.30 am I woke to go to the toilet but I could not get out of bed nor move all I could do was lay on the bed. My partner thought I was messing around and was going to kick me out of bed (I'm so glad she did not). As I could not even speak properly. At this point we were all scared as we did not know what was going on. I was at work the day before and fine that evening, so this came as a big shock to us all. My partner called me an ambulance, It took 45 minutes for the ambulance to arrive and I only live about 5 minutes away from the hospital. It took 4 amberlaunce crew members to carry me down the stairs due to the dead weight. I finally got taken to hospital.


When I arrived at the hospital the doctors and nurses did not know what was wrong with me, at first they thought I was having a reaction to the drugs I was on for my Kidney then it was a Stroke. They finally came to the conclusion I did have a Stroke and it was during the night sometime. The Stroke I had was called a "Ischaemic Stroke".  I was put in different wards, until I finally made my way to the Stroke ward.  I was a patient in hospital for around six weeks. The Stroke had effected my left hand side of my brain so my whole right hand side was paralized and my jaw drooped so my speech was very slurry.


I had lots of support from my friends and family, they visited me all the time which in time improved my speech, with the conversations I was having. In hosapital I had no sort of physio, I think the whole time I was there the physio's put me in a wheelchair twice for two hours. My partner was more of a physio as she got my leg and arm moving. She would massage my arm and leg with all different textures. The physio's were to busy there was not enough of them to go around.


It was late May 2016 now and I got transferred to a community rehab hospital, I was there for one day and I caught a virus the first night and got transfered back to hospital. I got transfered back to the community hospital about a week later. I was a inpatient in the community hospital for around six weeks and in that time the physio's saw me a for an hour a day 5 days a week. The physio's made me do exersices i.e walking with support and arm movements and they got me walking again. The speech therapist saw me 5 times and managed to got my speach at a resonable level.


At first I was really really frustrated and thought that was the end for me but the nurses at the hospital were brilliant and improved my mood and attidude and I started fighting. I was so determined to get better that when I moved back to the community hospital I gave the physio's 110% and eventually I started walking again.


The staff at the community hospital were fantastic if it weren't for them my rehab would of been alot slower, so my gratidude goes to them.


I carried on physio after I was released in June 2016, that lasted for about six weeks, then I managed to join a Stroke swimming class and now I have completed a new trial called RATULS which concentrate's on my arm and hand.  Also the Homerton hospital have now got envolved. I was having new physio which is really helping and I see an occupational Therapist which she is brilliant, she has improved my fatigue and my brain function.


My partner found it quite difficult at fisrt but with the help from Homerton hospital and the benefits we received as I was the main bread winner, she has been able to cope fine.


The doctors found that I have a flappy artery in the back of the brain that caused the Stroke along with the medication I was taking for the kidney transplant.


I am now back at work only part-time but I am building up to full-time.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or send me an email.

TIP: Drink plenty of water or you will become dehydrated. An easy way to check this, is to grab the skin on the back of your hand. If it goes down straight away you’re not dehydrated but if it takes longer you are.


My Stroke Story