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It all started in 2015 when I was diagnosied with Poycystic Kidney Disease and my Kidneys where only working 50%. I used to smoke up to 10-15 a day from the age of 16 and I would smoke a box of 20 when I went out on the town.  I was told by my consulltant to give up smoking for a healtier life style or thay he would kill me because of my medical condition.   At first I found this really hard as I had been smoking for 20 years.


I smoked on for nearly another year beacuse I just buried my head in the sand and I was scared. I was a real pain, giving up as the cravings and addiction change your personality while giving up (|Everyone deals with it differently) I finally started on the Nicotine Patches, this kind of stopped the craving. I started on the highest level of patches you can get and I worked my way through the levels of the patches, it was hard but I was motivated by what the doctor said.


While I was giving up I still got some cravings, so I would buy a box of 10 once a week to fix the cravings. This really helped as I stilI craved nicotine a bit, I would do this till bedtime if had any left I would throw them away.  Till eventualy I stopped getting the cravings and gave up.


I have been smoke free for 3 years and don't miss it.


If you would like information on how to give up smoking click here


Me and alcohol


You can drink when you have a medical condition like Polycystic Kidney Disease but in moderation no big binges. As long as you drink water inbetween keeping your self hydrated.


I myself don't really drink anymore because I don't see the point going out having a beer for example then drinking a bottle od water afterrwards. I would rather socialize a different way.


Talk to your consultant/doctor about quitting smoking or to stop drinking.

TIP: If you are a passive smoker then nicotine will take 15-20 days to leave your body. If not then the nicotine will take 3-4 days.



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