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When I suffered my ischaemic Stroke in April 2016, one of the side effects was my right side of my face drooped and my speech was very slurred.


While I was in the community hospital I had alot of support from my friends and family and had alot of visitors. One way of improving my speech was by having the many conversations I had with my friends and family.  


I was assigned a Speech and Language Therapist and she started repairing my speech. I was given sheets of paper with tongue twisters for example "peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers". I had to repeat these over and over again. I even recorded myself so I could check if I made any mistakes or not.


I was given about 10 sheets of tongue twisters some easy and some hard. I had to practise this about an hour a day.


My speech is ok still needsd improvement but when I get tired my speech tends to slur


Speech therapy - My story